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US Open Preview

The US Open at Pebble Beach kicks off tomorrow at 7:00 am. Phil Mickelson is most likely the favorite this weekend but just like any major golf tournament, it's anyones game. Of the early pairings there are some promising groups with Villegas, Zach Johnson, and Luke Donald teeing off at 7:33 am; Ratief Goosen, Jim Furyk and Angel Cabrera follow at 7:44 am; And Phil, Padraig Harrington, and Y.E. Yang tee of at 8:06 am just to name a few. Tiger Woods pairs off with Lee Westwood who is fresh off a win at the St. Jude Classic, as well as 7th ranked Ernie Els making them the best ranked group. They tee off at 1:36 pm on hole 1. 

As mentioned before, the US Open returns to Pebble Beach Golf Links for the 5th time, and the 1st since 2000 when Tiger -12 beat Ernie Els and Miguel Angel Jimenez by 15 strokes! Fast-forward to 2010 and the image of Tiger Woods is a bit different. We all know about the scandal so I won't go into that. So far this season, Tiger has NOT proven to be scandal proof. He still hold his #1 World ranking by a thread and if Phil were to win this weekend, Tiger could be usurped. It looks like that is the trendy pick going into this weekend as well. 

Defending champion Lucas Glover, who won the 2009 tournament at the Bethpage Black Course, is paired with Stewart Cink and a-Byeon-hun An.

This should be an interesting US Open, as there is no clear cut favorite. It will be interesting to see how Tiger plays at a course he has historically performed very well at. Good luck to all in the field. 

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NBA Finals Game 6

THe finals are going to game 7!! Well this is a treat for all fans still holding onto basketball. It's great that the sport extends into June. The Lakers routed the Celtics last night as the whole of the boston squad looked rather unenthused by the whole event. Everyone for the lakers, particularly the bench, came out with fire underneath them. They had something to prove. THe play of the game was an alley-oop dunk by Shannon Brown from Pau Gasol. He caught the ball behind his head, adjust his hand and threw the ball down HARD!! In the replay you could see his head level with the rim. Something that I haven't like about this year finals. Sure we are going to a deciding game 7, but have any of the games really been that close? The smallest margin of victory this series has been seven in games 3 & 4. No buzzer beaters.. I would like to see this final game come down to a last second shot. We haven't had the theatrics or "drama" that we love to see in the NBA. All I can think of seeing this finals is a whole lot of complaining about bad calls and lopsided victories. Her is my wish NBA: Please, please, PLEASE!! Deliver on game seven. Kobe Bryant, please drop 40 points. Rajon Rondo, please log another post season triple-double. And PLEASE, come down to one gutsy shot with under 5 seconds to play by EITHER team. Either way, great season by both teams. Best of luck in game 7. Go Celts!

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Preseason Top 25 June

Throughout the summer there are top 10/25/120 polls posted everywhere. The magazines hit news stands around June and every college football fan starts to feel that yearning in their guts for September. I typically work and re-work my top 25 throughout the summer up until the first weekend of the season. That being said, here is my June edition of my preseason poll.

As a note, this is NOT how I think the teams are going to be ranked to begin the season. This is my prediction of how I believe the teams will finish off the year AFTER the bowl season has ended. It is not a ranking of who is better, but who will finish better. Here we go:



  1. Ohio State Buckeyes - I may be a homer but I'm expecting a monster season from the buckeyes. I couldn't call myself a fan if I didn't expect my team to go undefeated. The line is awesome, the defense has great potential and if Terrelle Pryor plays up to his potential this should be one awesome season (BCS NCG)
  2. Florida Gators - I like Brantley at QB and returning Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey and Emmanuel Moody have gone slightly under the radar this offseason. 4 OL back as well. The Secondary will be vicious this season. (BCS NCG)
  3. Alabama Crimson Tide - When the offense is rolling it will be unstoppable. One of the top 3 WR in the country in Jones will be tough to stop. The defense, while only returning 2 starters will be more than ok. If Dont'a Hightower can step into McClain's vacated leader role, then you might want to shoot the Tide to the top of this list. (Sugar Bowl)
  4. Virginia Tech Hokies - An early date with Boise State is a rough way to begin the season, but after that the Hokes have a cupcake out of conference schedule. Their next biggest games are @ UNC and @ Miami in late November. Talent wise VT might not be the 4th best but opportunity wise they just may be (Orange Bowl)
  5. Boise State Broncos - Call this a wait and see. Boise has the ability to run the table once again this year if they can get bast VT. If they win, the NCG is not out of the question. Kellen Moore will be bringing home some hardware this season. (Sugar Bowl)
  6. Wisconsin Badgers - Iowa fans will get all over my case for putting OSU and Wiscy above them when both teams visit Iowa this year but I think both teams win those games. The Badgers OL is the second best if not the best in the nation and they have one of the best RBs in the country rushing behind it. QB Scott Tolzien can play if he has time to throw. (Rose Bowl)
  7. Oklahoma Sooners - We need to stop this whole losing 4 1st round DC because two of them (Bradford and Gresham) didn't even play most of the season. QB Laron Landry already has essentially a whole season of experience. They do play @ Miami FL and @ Nebraska this season which could prove to be land-mines for the Sooners. (Fiesta Bowl)
  8. TCU Horned Frogs - And the best team in Texas will be... the Horned Frogs? Just like Boise, TCU returns a lot of talent, but TCU has a weaker schedule. It could be another clean run for TCU in the regular season. (Fiesta Bowl)
  9. Texas Longhorns - This is similar to Oklahoma only new QB Garrett Gilbert doesn't have the experience of Laron Landry. Then again, Oklahoma didn't make the National Championship game last year either. Losing Colt will hurt but the Longhorns should easily reach 10 wins with their schedule.
  10. Iowa Hawkeyes - Iowa is back into relevance after the phenomenal 2009 season. Adrian Clayborn will be a terror at end and the Iowa offense shouldn't be too shabby. Unfortunately either will the two teams in the Big Ten I pin above the Hawkeyes. 
  11. Arkansas Razorbacks - This team has become a trendy pick in the SEC. Many believe that QB Ryan Mallett will have a monster year. This feels a lot like Ole Miss and Jevan Snead to me and I want to see the Razorback play before cracking them into the top 10
  12. Oregon Ducks - Oregan fans will hiss/quack at this but losing Masoli will hurt. I want to see some maturity by the ducks which was completely lacking last season (Blount, James, Masoli). If they start playing like mature athletes, the sky is the limit for Oregon (Rose Bowl)
  13. Miami Hurricanes - Miami could be way up there if they didn't have a visiting Oklahoma and a date in Columbus against OSU. The ACC figures to field it's best overall conference in years and Miami has the opportunity to show the nation why. If the athletes from the past few recruiting class become football players this season then Miami will be scary good.
  14. Nebraska Cornhuskers - Losing Suh will sting a bit but it would be a whole lot worse without Jared Crick. Crick was Suh's protege of sorts as the other DT. He amassed impressive stats and if he can prove that he can handle double teams, he should have a huge year. The offense returns 10
  15. West Virginia Mountaineers - I remember watching Youtube videos of Noel Devine in HS. Now he is a man out there amongst a slew of boys and I expect to see him become a human highlight reel. Devine is my dark-horse Heisman pick (Orange Bowl)
  16. LSU Tigers - Talent, talent everywhere. LSU is locked and loaded to try to topple the big dogs in Bama and Florida this season. In order for that to happen Jordan Jefferson has to start playing intelligent football.
  17. Texas A&M Aggies - What? That is right. A&M has an All-Big 12 QB in Jerrod Johnson and he is capable of navigating a schedule that only plays one difficult Out of Conference game vs Arkansas at a neutral site. I wouldn't be surprised by a 2nd place B12 finish
  18. Auburn Tigers - Never sleep on the Tigers. You may not have heard of any of Gene Chizik's stripped felines but they are not slack in talent. With one of the deepest WR corps in the country as well as 4 returning starters at OL Auburn could turn some heads as the season progresses 
  19. North Carolina Tar Heels - UNC has a defense that could hang with any team in the country. That is not a joke. The Line and the DBs are stunningly talented. If only the same could be said for the Offense..
  20. Notre Dame Fighting Irish - Many expect to see Notre Dame drop off a bit with Brian Kelly stepping in as the new HC. I see differently. Kelly will take the touted Dayne Crist and make him a superstar. If the defense continues to mature the Irish could make a BCS push. 
  21. Georgia Bulldogs - Mark Richt's seat is a bit hotter than he is used to and I can promise he doesn't like it. Georgia has a lot of returning depth with 10 back on offense. I expect a big step up from the bulldogs.
  22. Houston Cougars - If Case Keenum can keep the INTs down then Houston could be a tough game for anyone they play. That is if their defense doesn't allow every team on the schedule to hang with them. It would be nice if Keenum didn't HAVE to bomb away all game.
  23. Pittsburgh Panthers - Dion Lewis stepped in for LeSean McCoy last season and made Pitt fans forget all about him (although Philly Eagles fans sure know who he is). This year he looks to tack on to his statistically great season last year. Now lets see him turn that into wins
  24. Georgia Tech Yellowjackets - Losing Jonathan Dwyer will sting but the beauty of the Triple Option is that you have a stable of running backs waiting to step in. Nesbitt needs to up his consistency if GT really wants to be a threat this year.
  25. Penn State Nitany Lions - I didn't have the Fighting Joe Pa's ranked at first because I had USC ranked before the sanctions came out but now there is no sense in doing that so PSU got the nod over Nevada. Penn State will always be talented but replacing Daryll Clark will have some drawback. 


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NBA Finals Game 5

Game 5 was last in the NBA finals and Boston took the lead 3-2 in what is turning out to be an awesome finals. This is tough to call because now the series goes back to LA to finish off what I hope will be a spectacular finish. In an ideal world Boston wins in 7 just so there is one more game to watch but I don't see it unfolding like that. If Boston wins game 6 they obviously are the Champs. But if LA wins, then I believe they will take game seven as well. Anyhow, game 5 was a solid performance by Boston, particularly Paul Pierce and once again Rondo. It is now apparent to me that Kobe Bryant is the best player in the World right now. I know Lebron is a physical freak and given 4 more years to develop as a perimeter threat (I know he made huge strides this season) and allow him to work on protecting the ball a bit more during the dribble and he will truly be the King (just hopefully not for Cleveland). RIGHT NOW though, no single player in Basketball can score at the level of Kobe. It might seem like selfish play at times but he is scoring which is what the game is about. I don't even really like Kobe all that much; I'm a Carmelo fan (I think it's awesome that a guy who doesn't look like he is in perfect shape can be that good at this high of a level). I just can't ignore what he has been doing this post season. Lebron is more of an all around statistical monster but you have to take into consideration the incredible ability Bryant has to not only get off, but make a basket from almost anywhere on the court. 
Other than that, bring it on LA. I want to see Rondo hoist that MVP trophy Tuesday Night!
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NBA Finals Game 4

Game 4 of the NBA finals was last night and the Celtics, with a lot of help from the bench, evened the series at 2-2. Glen Davis was a monster as he bruised his way to 18 points. My third least favorite player in the NBA, Pau Gasol, got embarrassed and I couldn't be happier. Kobe shot lights out from beyond the arc until desperation time, but you can't ask him to go 8 of 9 from three-point land. Best part of the game was my boy Rajon Rondo's steal as time was winding down. He beautifully read Bryant's pass, picked it, and hustled down for the easy layup. Rondo is by far tied for the most exciting player to watch in the series (with Kobe) and his hustle, especially getting rebounds makes him the easy MVP if the C's go on to take this one. Good luck to Boston.

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Conference Expansion

This is all that is being talked about it seems. Personally I believe that the best route to take in regards to conferences is to do what occurs in the Premier soccer league in England. What happens is there is the major league, in this case the BCS, which plays out it’s season. At the end of the season the bottom three are relegated to the Football League Championship which in turn promotes its top 2 teams while the 4 teams that finished next compete in a playoff for the final opening.

So for college football, it would work like this: say for arguments sake let’s say that these new power conferences occur. You have four 16 team BCS/Major conferences: The Big 16 (Big 10), Pac 16, ACC, and SEC. With what is left, create four 14-team Minor conferences and pair them with a BCS conference based on geography. At the end of the season, use a similar promotion/relegation system as in English Football, therefore the smaller schools have the opportunity to move up and play with the big boys. This would put so much more emphasis on performing well in the regular season. You could also instigate a playoff this way as well.

That scenario however is all fantasy. Unfortunately this is not just about making the best college football environment. It’s about academics, a bit about basketball, and most of all it is about the C.R.E.A.M. It does seem that Cash Rules Everything Around Me These days. SO here is realistically how I see this mess shaping up.

Big Ten – They have already taken on Nebraska. Jim Delaney is too money hungry for his own good, so I cant see him being able to resist going for Rutgers for the New York market so they will make the 13th team. And to even things out they will pick up Missouri who would jump on an invite. The Big Ten will stop at 14 leaving room for Notre Dame to join in 2015 at the latest. At that juncture they will add a 16th team, most likely, and hopefully, Pitt.

Pac 10 – after adding Colorado to squeeze out any chance of Baylor tagging along, the Pac will add Texas, TAMU, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, and OK State for an even 16. OK won’t split up that rivalry with Texas as that is a huge money making regular season game.

SEC – This is a bit more tricky. I think that they could legitimately snatch up ND if given the chance but that isn’t likely. The two most likely candidates for the SEC are Miami and Clemson. That would put the conference at 14. I’m not really sure who the other two schools would be if they wanted to expand to 16. Maybe Louisville? I’m sure they would find some teams chomping at the bit to join.

ACC – If the ACC loses Miami and Clemson then they will go up to a deteriorating Big East. They would snatch up the stragglers that don’t go to the Big Ten. This would make for a rather dull football conference but I would almost guarantee that they would account for over half of the Basketball Championships.

Big XII – It appears is going all over the place so it looks like the remaining teams (Kansas, K-State, Iowa St and Baylor) will more likely than not go to the Mt. West (or the Mt. West will join them). Either way they will campaign about being given an auto BCS bowl bid to their conference champ.

Big East – will be extinct.

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